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A Little Lesson in Aerating & Overseeding

By Jennifer | Aug 24, 2011 |

So, many of us know that the Fall is the perfect time to aerate and overseed Fescue lawns, but not many of us know why. Basically, all cool season grass should be overseeded each Fall to keep it thick and lush. Unlike warm season grass, Fescue, Rye and Bluegrass don’t spread. Seeding it each Fall…

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Yard Makeover: Day 3

By Jennifer | Jul 29, 2011 |

And we so continue with our yard makeover project of the week.  On Day 3 Team Turf installed sod in the front yard, continued to pull out unwanted shrubs and dangling limbs, and finished the day by adding fresh pinestraw, and cleaning up the mess we made in the progress! So here is the original…

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Yard Makeover: Day 2

By Jennifer | Jul 27, 2011 |

We’ve been so busy with this week’s yard makeover that I just realized I forgot to update you all on the progress we made yesterday. If you remember, we were removing an outdated railroad tie retaining wall (that was actually hidden beneath a mound of junipers — yikes)!  and replacing it with very natural-looking stacked…

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What Team Turf Is Up to This Week

By Jennifer | Jul 25, 2011 |

So, we’re trying to get better about showing you all exactly what we spend our time doing other than making rounds at our regular maintenance accounts.  Our install crews have been extremely busy this summer enhancing the outdoor living spaces of several of our existing clients, as well as new clients that sought us out…

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Spruce Up Your Yard Without Breaking the Bank

By Jennifer | May 5, 2011 |

So many times I hear, “We’d love to make our yard look better, but it’s just not in the budget this year.”  I imagine for some folks updating their landscape is never really in the budget, just like when you hear someone say that they’re not financially ready to have children.  Those of us with…

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March Is the Time To . . .

By Jennifer | Mar 14, 2011 |

Prune hollies, boxwoods, gardenias, spireas, abelias, butterfly bushes, evergreen shrubs, and most summer-blooming shrubs. Cut back and fertilize roses (although you can do this as early as Valentine’s Day).  Cut hybrid teas back to 18″ tall, remove dead canes, and canes that rub. Knockout roses can be pruned back to half their size if necessary.…

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It’s Time to Prune

By Jennifer | Feb 4, 2011 |

This is the time of year that you will look outside and see our crews pruning and cutting back the perennials in your yard.  So don’t get upset when you come home and things look tidier, and perhaps a bit smaller — we’re doing what needs to be done to get your yard ready for…

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Conditions Are Right for Fall Armyworms

By Jennifer | Aug 18, 2010 |

A lot of yards have suffered this summer.  Scorching temperatures, not enough rain, too much rain — all of these factors have worked together to upset the very delicate balance that nature strives for in order to keep our grasses green and our flowers and plants thriving.  One would think that with Fall creeping ever…

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A Big Dry Spell

By Jennifer | Jul 23, 2010 |

I thought I’d share this article from a newsletter I received from Autumn Hill Nursery — one of our favorite places to shop for great yard additions: “This current dry spell has crept up on us after we enjoyed a wet spring, and with the soil as dry as it has become, we are fielding…

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Garden Update

By Jennifer | Jul 9, 2010 |

Finally!  Here are the pics of the new vegetable beds and surrounding area that we installed in our backyard this spring.  I remember how excited I was to be able to plant even more vegetables this year, and I had some pretty grandiose ideas about corn and watermelon . . . well, let’s just say…

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