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basic landscape chores

Is This Fall?

Today is October 19th, and the local weather forecasters are calling for an afternoon high of 88.  That’s a record-breaking temperature for this date in Georgia, and if you add that to the extreme heat we’ve endured all summer, as well as the ongoing drought, well, that’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to…

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The Blame Game

We’ve been in business for 20 years, and here’s the truth: sometimes accidents happen and things get broken. In our case damage manifests itself in the form of broken outdoor lighting, blown over Christmas decorations, or a cracked window pane. We’ve even gotten calls from people that aren’t our clients, but they just happened to…

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The Ins & Outs of Landscape Maintenance

Check out my interview, The Ins and Outs of Landscape Maintenance on Georgia State Homes, one of the top sites for Georgia real estate. We always enjoy talking to people about what we do and why we do it!

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A Little Lesson in Aerating & Overseeding

So, many of us know that the Fall is the perfect time to aerate and overseed Fescue lawns, but not many of us know why. Basically, all cool season grass should be overseeded each Fall to keep it thick and lush. Unlike warm season grass, Fescue, Rye and Bluegrass don’t spread. Seeding it each Fall…

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March Is the Time To . . .

Prune hollies, boxwoods, gardenias, spireas, abelias, butterfly bushes, evergreen shrubs, and most summer-blooming shrubs. Cut back and fertilize roses (although you can do this as early as Valentine’s Day).  Cut hybrid teas back to 18″ tall, remove dead canes, and canes that rub. Knockout roses can be pruned back to half their size if necessary.…

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It’s Time to Prune

This is the time of year that you will look outside and see our crews pruning and cutting back the perennials in your yard.  So don’t get upset when you come home and things look tidier, and perhaps a bit smaller — we’re doing what needs to be done to get your yard ready for…

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New Outdoor Watering “Rules”

So, not that many of us have had to really be concerned with whether our grass, flowers, and gardens have been getting enough water lately — thank you very much, Mother Nature — but you should take note of the new outdoor watering regulations that went into effect June 1, 2010.  I want to point…

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Spring Is In the Air

Well, not exactly, but the temp is supposed to be in the mid-50s by this afternoon, and quite frankly that is almost a heat wave compared to the frigid air that has been hanging around town the past few weeks.  And we’re so excited about our redesigned Web site, that we’re ready to start redesigning…

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