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East Cobb sod

Winter Kill in Turf

Many of our clients have experienced odd behavior in their lawns this year — areas not greening up; large, dead patches; thinning in shaded areas. More than likely what these properties are showcasing is something that we’re just not used to seeing so far south, and that is Winter Kill. Dr. Clint Waltz from the…

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Yard Makeover: Day 2

We’ve been so busy with this week’s yard makeover that I just realized I forgot to update you all on the progress we made yesterday. If you remember, we were removing an outdated railroad tie retaining wall (that was actually hidden beneath a mound of junipers — yikes)!  and replacing it with very natural-looking stacked…

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What Team Turf Is Up to This Week

So, we’re trying to get better about showing you all exactly what we spend our time doing other than making rounds at our regular maintenance accounts.  Our install crews have been extremely busy this summer enhancing the outdoor living spaces of several of our existing clients, as well as new clients that sought us out…

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