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Turf Care

Is This Fall?

Today is October 19th, and the local weather forecasters are calling for an afternoon high of 88.  That’s a record-breaking temperature for this date in Georgia, and if you add that to the extreme heat we’ve endured all summer, as well as the ongoing drought, well, that’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to…

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Winter Kill in Turf

Many of our clients have experienced odd behavior in their lawns this year — areas not greening up; large, dead patches; thinning in shaded areas. More than likely what these properties are showcasing is something that we’re just not used to seeing so far south, and that is Winter Kill. Dr. Clint Waltz from the…

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Conditions Are Right for Fall Armyworms

A lot of yards have suffered this summer.  Scorching temperatures, not enough rain, too much rain — all of these factors have worked together to upset the very delicate balance that nature strives for in order to keep our grasses green and our flowers and plants thriving.  One would think that with Fall creeping ever…

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A Big Dry Spell

I thought I’d share this article from a newsletter I received from Autumn Hill Nursery — one of our favorite places to shop for great yard additions: “This current dry spell has crept up on us after we enjoyed a wet spring, and with the soil as dry as it has become, we are fielding…

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