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Retaining Walls & Steps

Hardscapes are our favorite!  And retaining wall installation is right at the top of the list when it comes to the most requested of our services.  They’re a great way to differentiate space in your yard, or to allow unusable space to be transformed into a family-friendly play area.  And properly installed landscape retaining walls manage soil and water runoff.  It’s a win-win situation!

We specialize in designing and installing walls built from natural stone, modular block, and pressure-treated timbers. We are also especially proud to be an Authorized Belgard Contractor.  Jonathan was even featured in a Belgard ad a while back! 

Not only are many gardens in locations where they can only be reached by steps, but for some, a flight of steps is the garden. Steps are a stylish addition to your garden in their own right, and material considerations are reflective of style. Wherever your steps lead, we’ll be sure to create a  welcoming and safe passage.

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Decks, Pergolas & Arbors

Constructing a custom-built deck, pergola, or arbor to integrate seamlessly with your landscaping is one of our favorite challenges! Our skilled carpentry team is experienced, creative, and consistently produces high-quality craftsmanship.  We view each project as an opportunity to create a personal masterpiece – no matter the size or scope.  Your design will be based on your outdoor living aspirations, lifestyle, personal taste, and budget.

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Landscape Management

A large focus of our time at Team Turf is spent maintaining beautiful outdoor environments for our clients.  Whether a property is situated within a cluster neighborhood, or on multiple, secluded acres, our maintenance crews focus on the weekly chores necessary to keep each site manicured, tidy, and healthy.

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Outdoor Living

Take advantage – of Georgia’s climate and Team Turf’s expertise! Extending your living space outdoors is the perfect way to bring together family and friends.  We’ve got tons of ideas, so why not let us help you create the perfect outdoor living space?


Seasonal Color

Sometimes we all just need a little color in our lives!  Whether it’s a collection of pots around your pool or patio, or large displays at a neighborhood entrance, we can help brighten your landscape all year long.  We do all our flower shopping at a local, family-owned nursery.  Over the years they’ve become a part of our Team Turf family, and we’re thrilled to be able to pass along their healthy, nurtured flowers to our customers.   


Plantings & Sod

We’ve installed A LOT of sod over the years, in fact, we’re experts!  Believe it or not, some companies try to skip steps when it comes to installing new turf, but we are very strict about our process.  Finding the best type of grass for the property, completely killing off and removing the previous grass (or weeds, in many cases), and only using the freshest, healthiest materials are just a few of the boxes we check off.  And talk about an immediate return on your investment!  A properly installed lawn that is lush and attractive will make you the envy of your neighbors. 

Plantings can also be used to beautify the front or back of your home, provide privacy from a close neighbor, or to add color to the property. The most important thing to remember: CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLANTS FOR YOUR SPACE. We often see properties where poor plant selection in the beginning has led to a very large and overwhelming problem. It pays to have professionals like Team Turf on your side when you make those first planting decisions.  Jonathan is more than happy to make suggestions and lead you in the correct direction when choosing plants that will be happy in your yard.  His time spent studying at UGA coupled with years of practical application make him an excellent source of knowledge!

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Patios & Walkways

Considering patio or walkway enhancements?  Whether you’re thinking about front or backyard landscaping ideas, there are so many material options available for patios and walkways—how do you choose which option is right for you? Which one will last and perform the way you want it to?

We take pride in considering all of the options available and working with you to decide which one best fits your unique situation. By weighing the pros and cons of each material and idea, we develop a solution that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.


Dry Creeks

A properly located, carefully planned and installed dry creek bed can take your landscape from boring to fabulous!  It’s an easy solution for controlling the flow of rainwater across a landscape, and can be styled based on choice of material and whether its purpose is practical or aesthetic.  And we promise you this: we create dry creeks that are believable – like they’ve always been a part of the surrounding landscape.

New Garden


One of our favorite things to help our clients create is their very own backyard garden, so whether you’re looking for an edible landscape or a place to gain some peace and quiet, we’d love to help! Backyard gardens are an extension of the home and a reflection of the folks that live inside. And don’t let a lack of space intimidate you – we’re experts at finding ways to turn previously overgrown and underused areas into beautiful suburban gardens!