Show Your Fescue Lawn Some Love

There is no doubt that Fescue lawns took a beating this summer.  At many properties too much rain led to Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, and extremely stressed turf.  Couple that with the fact that Fescue is a cool season grass and takes enough abuse from the Georgia heat, and aerating and overseeding become even more important.  Fescue grass begins most of its productive growth during fall, so September and October are prime aerating months.

What is aerating?


An aerator pokes holes in the ground and loosens it.  This allows more water and oxygen to flow in, in turn helping the grass roots to go deeper.

And the seed?

Once the thousands of holes are created by the aerator, the surface of the lawn becomes the ideal place to spread fresh seed.  They are given prime opportunity to germinate, and fertilizers also penetrate more deeply and help a lawn recover and thrive post-aeration.

Fescue Lawn

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