Spring Is In the Air

Well, not exactly, but the temp is supposed to be in the mid-50s by this afternoon, and quite frankly that is almost a heat wave compared to the frigid air that has been hanging around town the past few weeks.  And we’re so excited about our redesigned Web site, that we’re ready to start redesigning everything — lawns, patios, outdoor living areas, you name it! 

I’m an avid gardener, and I’m also extremely organized and love to clean things out and redesign, which is why I loves this time of year.  A few days above 50 degrees, and I start cutting back perennials, clearing out last year’s beds, and flipping through my seed catalogs.  The end of winter signifies a clean slate for my gardening projects, and promises new growth, more potential, and lots of blossoms and produce.  (For Jonathan it usually means lots of digging, but the outcome is always worth it).

So as you look ahead to warmer months and the emergence of crocus and daffodils, keep Team Turf in mind as you envision your yard and the never-ending palette of potential that it possesses.  We truly do believe that your yard should be an extension of your home and your personality, and we’d love to help you create an outdoor environment that is welcoming and inviting.

Don’t forget to check out our new site — TeamTurfLandscapes.com, and check our blog frequently for tips, ideas, and checklists for keeping your yard beautiful.

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