Weekly Lawn Maintenance Service Explanation

Overall Maintenance/Clean-Up

  • Blowing of all clippings and debris from sidewalks, walkways, curbs, turf areas, shrub beds, tennis courts, recreational areas, and parking lots and/or driveways shall be conducted during each weekly visit.
  • Edging of all hard surfaces such as sidewalks, curbs, driveways, etc., to be performed as needed to maintain a neat appearance.
  • Edging of all soft surfaces such as shrub beds and tree wells to be performed as needed to maintain a neat appearance.
  • String trimming in areas inaccessible to mowers to be performed on each mowing visit at mowing height.
  • Leaf clean up shall be performed each regularly scheduled visit.
  • Fall Leaf Removal – during leaf season your regular maintenance crew may blow leaves into large piles near the street; at a later time during the day the pile will be removed by a separate crew & truck.  Leaves may also be blown into natural areas when available.

Tree, Ground Cover & Planting Bed Maintenance

  • Prune all shrubs and ground cover to encourage healthy growth and create a natural appearance.
  • All small ornamental trees (less than 12’) shall be trimmed to encourage good growth habits.  This will include the removal of all water sprouts, suckers, deformed growth, and dead branches.  All clippings and debris will be removed from the property during the day of pruning.
  • All Crape Myrtles will be pruned once annually to remove crossing branches, thin canopies, and to create a more uniform vase shape.  (On occasion Crape Myrtles will be left as is in order to promote natural height).
  • The frequency and configuration of pruning shall depend upon horticultural standards for all shrub species.
  • Deep hand pruning and/or structuring pruning may be performed once a year during the dormant months to maintain plant material in an aesthetically pleasing appearance and within its boundaries.
  • All pruning debris shall be removed immediately following the completion of any pruning operations.
  • Partially dead shrubs shall be pruned to remove deadwood portions.
  • Perennials such as daylilies, Lenten Rose & Liriope will be cut back in the winter.  The removal of spent blooms, flower stalks, and drying foliage shall be performed as needed.
  • Ornamental groundcovers such as English Ivy shall be pruned to maintain these plants within their boundaries.
  • Removal of dead material from perennials and ornamental grasses, as well as thinning of trees and shrubs in order to promote new growth.
  • Manual control of weeds over 3” high and chemical control of weeds less than 3” high in maintained bed areas, sidewalks, curbs, and parking areas.
  • Applications of appropriate insecticides or fungicides to control insect and disease not included in this agreement unless you opt for a chemical program, as well.
  • Removal of plant material killed and/or damaged during periods of extreme conditions shall be negotiated and billed separately

Turf Maintenance

  • Warm Season: Mow turf areas weekly as needed during the growing seasons, weather permitting, May 1st – October 31st, at a height of 1-1/2” for warm season turf.   Height will increase as the grass progresses.  Scalping of warm season turf to remove previous year’s dead growth to improve pre-emergent effectiveness and allows for quicker spring green-up.
  • Cool Season: Mow cool season turf areas weekly as needed during the growing season, weather permitting, March 1st – November 30th. Mowing December – February as needed. Turf will be maintained at a height of 2-1/2” during the fall/winter and 3-1/2” during the spring/summer.
  • All turf areas not accessible to mowing equipment shall be trimmed weekly using string trimmers to coincide with mowing.

Chemical Programs 

  • Separate Turf and Tree & Shrub chemical packages can be purchased, but are currently not included in this agreement unless otherwise specified.

Seasonal Color 

  • For additional charges, annuals can be planted at the property twice a year (April & October).

Extra Services Not Included as Part of Routine Maintenance

  • Removal of fescue from Bermuda turf
  • Ant control
  • Irrigation repair
  • Irrigation Start-up & Winterization Service
  • Pruning over 10 ft tall
  • Soil amendments such as Lime or Gypsum
  • Core aerations and/or seeding
  • Pine straw preparation and installation

Additional Services can be provided at your property for an additional charge.