Winter Kill in Turf

Many of our clients have experienced odd behavior in their lawns this year — areas not greening up; large, dead patches; thinning in shaded areas. More than likely what these properties are showcasing is something that we’re just not used to seeing so far south, and that is Winter Kill.

Dr. Clint Waltz from the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture recently published an article in response to the resounding question being asked all across the Atlanta area: Why does my grass look horrible? His article, Identifying and Treating Winter Kill in Turf, explains this new “phenomenon.”

So, for those of us looking for someone to blame for our lackluster lawns, it looks like we can point our fingers directly at Mother Nature. And that is why installing new sod is not something that is guaranteed. You can use the best product, follow all the best installation processes, follow a proper watering schedule; but nature is unpredictable and cannot be controlled.

In other words, you can’t make your grass grow just because you paid for it!