This is the time of year that you will look outside and see our crews pruning and cutting back the perennials in your yard.  So don’t get upset when you come home and things look tidier, and perhaps a bit smaller — we’re doing what needs to be done to get your yard ready for spring. 
Here is a quick overview of why we do what we do:

Why prune?   
  • Reduce plant size,
  • Reshape plant
  • Remove dead, damaged, diseased wood
  • Encourage new growth and more bloom
  • If it blooms in spring, prune soon after it finishes blooming – these plants bloom on last year’s growth. 
  • If it blooms in summer or fall, prune in late winter to early spring – these plants bloom on current year growth.
  • Dead and diseased wood can be removed anytime.
  • Use sharp tools, with the cutting edge toward the part that stays on the plant.
  • Cut about ¼” above an upward- or outward-facing bud, at a 45? angle,
  • cut back to a main branch or trunk, not flush, but just to the slightly raised branch collar.

Pruning the plants in your yard is just one more thing that Team Turf does to keep your yard looking its very best.  If you have any questions about specific plant pruning, please feel free to give us a call.

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