• Prune hollies, boxwoods, gardenias, spireas, abelias, butterfly bushes, evergreen shrubs, and most summer-blooming shrubs.
  • Cut back and fertilize roses (although you can do this as early as Valentine’s Day).  Cut hybrid teas back to 18″ tall, remove dead canes, and canes that rub. Knockout roses can be pruned back to half their size if necessary. Climbers should be pruned after first flush of blooms.
  • Fertilize shrubs, trees, and Fescue lawns.
  • Fertilize blueberries with Cotton Seed Meal.
  • Get those vegetable seeds started so you can set them out in mid to late April.
  • Cut back ornamental grasses to 6-10 inches tall.  If they were laying over on you last year, it may be time to divide them as most grasses will need dividing every 4-6 years.
  • Clean any debris from fountains and ponds, check hoses for cracks, scrub clean with a mild solution of bleach.
Want some help?  Give us a call because we’d love the chance to help get your yard ready for Spring!

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